WBC / VADA announce ‘Clean Boxing Program’ for Top 15 fighters

WBC 06/05/2016
World Boxing Council belt

The World Boxing Council ( “WBC”) in association with the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association ( “VADA”) is proud to announce the launching of the Clean Formal Boxing Program ( “CBP”).

Under the CBP, the top fifteen (15) WBC-rated fighters in each weight class will be subject to random, year-round unannounced testing for performance enhancing drugs ( “PEDs”) and other prohibited methods in a program to be administered by VADA .

The WBC, founded in 1963 and presided by the late Dr. Jose Sulaiman for 38 years, is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the sport of boxing and Implementing Safety measures for the protection of all boxers. The WBC’s and VADA’s common goal is to Have a clean sport

No one regulatory body Oversees all of professional boxing. At the present time, testing for PEDs is limited and without uniformity from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. President Mauricio Sulaiman and WBC President Dr. Margaret Goodman VADA Representing Their respective Organizations are Committed to educate fighters and the boxing community on the dangers and Consequences of consuming PEDs. That goal has lead to the Implementation of the different facets of the CBP around the world. The CBP Also aspires to educate fighters About the benefits of utilizing effective nutrition and training practices.

The CBP offers a multi-tiered approach, beginning with a mandatory Webinar Entitled “Winning Fair With The Clean Boxing Program.” The webinar will advise fighters acerca Their Obligations under the CBP and the required paperwork must be completed That. It will discuss the Past CBP / VADA prohibited drug list, PED side effects, and the Risks of prohibited supplement use.

Fighters will be Given 90-day window from May 9, 2016 to view the webinar and registration file and Their whereabouts forms. Those items, in Addition to all policies, Procedures and protocols, are available on the WBC website at http://wbcboxing.com/WBCVADA/ Anti-doping experts and confidential counseling will be available to enroll in the WHO fighters CBP.

This groundbreaking program is mandatory for all WBC champions and the top fifteen WBC-rated fighters in each weight class. The CBP Also has funds available to Incorporate any other fighter WHO Enrolls on a voluntary basis.

Each athlete is tested and other WHO authorized parties under the CBP will receive notification of his or her test results.