Moises Haviya granted wish to face The Hermanator on May 13

TGW & Smithy 05/05/2016
Smithy TGW

OFF THE BACK OF HIS IMPRESSIVE WIN IN NEW ZEALAND LAST WEEKEND AGAINST TOM HEADS Herman Ene-Purcell is set for another big challenge on the TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 13 card at Rumours International on May 13.

Sydney based heavyweight Moises Haviya has been challenging Ene-Purcell for in excess of 12 months – now he has his wish.

“Moises vs Herman was in the pipeline some time back but then when the opportunity to re-match Paul Gallen came up it was put on the backburner.

“Moises has been forthright in his willingness to fight Herman and again last week I received another challenge so we weighed it up and decided to grant Moises his wish.

“Herman Ene-Purcell vs Moises Haviya over 4 rounds will make for a great spectacle.

“Moises has fought some of the best in the country and in his last bout he challenged for the New South Wales state title and the bout was stopped due to a cut.

“Plus whenever you have a boxer constantly hound you for a bout you know they’re coming to fight.

“Moises believes he can win this fight and that’s why he’s actively chased it for over twelve months.

“It’s a quick back up for Herman after his bout in New Zealand a few weeks back but to Herman’s credit he took no time off and from the day we landed back in Australia he’s been back in the gym. He’s fit and ready to go.”

Herman Ene-Purcell is relishing the opportunity to fight once again in front of the Toowoomba fans.

“I’m ecstatic,” Ene-Purcell said. “I’ve fought in China, New Zealand, Sydney but nothing tops fighting at home in front of a packed crowd.

“Moises has wanted this bout for some time now he gets his chance.

“I’m really fit at the moment and I really haven’t stopped training all year.

“I have a big opportunity in China in June and hope to contend for a World youth title later in the year so fights against the likes of Moises Haviya is exactly what I need.

“I’m learning all the time and this one will be no different.

“Moises thinks he can beat me, I respect that, but I feel as though if I perform to the best of my ability this is a bout I can win.”