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Home » Emotional Nick Blackwell sends warm thanks to well-wishers

Emotional Nick Blackwell sends warm thanks to well-wishers

The inspirational 25-year-old is back home with loved ones and well on the way to a full recovery.

“I don’t ever cry or get emotional,” said Blackwell, “but reading through all the messages people have been sending me has been really touching. I’ve had tons of people calling me a ‘warrior’ and a ‘hero’ and saying how brave I am. It really did take me by surprise.

“Then, of course, you have all the people who have raised money for me. It’s incredible. It shows the power of the boxing community, the boxing family, and I’ve been humbled by everyone’s generosity.

“Many boxers are forced to retire and have only their last purse to their name. But, thanks to some incredible human beings, I stand to have a little bit more, and that means I can go on and do something with my life.

“Ideally, at some stage, I’d like to personally thank every single one of the people who have donated money. I truly mean that. I want to make that happen.”

Any donation information or requests should be sent to [email protected]