Rodriguez focused on Williams, dismisses Stevenson talk

WBN 29/04/2016
rodriguez edwin farina

Edwin Rodriguez and Thomas Williams participate in what could turn out to be a world title eliminator on Saturday night as the possibility of a fight with Adonis Stevenson opens up.

Rodriguez and Williams, who have both lost just once in their respective careers, are on the peripheral of a championship chance and the former knows the importance of picking up a victory at the StubHub Center.

“I’m happy to be back fighting in California. I’m excited. I had a really good training camp and Thomas is a good fighter. He seems to have had a good camp so this is going to be a great fight, you know, two top contenders going at it to try to fight to get a world title fight. The fans can’t go wrong on this fight,” said Rodriguez.

“I think that at this point Adonis Stevenson is irrelevant. I think that this is enough for the fans to see that this is a great fight between two warriors who put everything on the line.

“I’ve been fighting for about seven, eight years as a professional and to fight for a world title that has always been the main goal. Without getting past Thomas William there is no Adonis Stevenson or any other title. So my main focus is going in there and being the best that I can be that night.

“I believe I had a really good training camp and did a lot of working against a southpaw. But fighting for a world title it’s a dream and a goal come true, not just fighting for but winning it. Thomas Williams is in my way. I worked extremely hard in this training camp to get him out of the way. I just got to put the game plan together fight night.

“I’m a little bit more seasoned. I have more total fights. I have fought better opposition. I have wins against undefeated fighters. Guys like himself with the one loss, I just got to put everything together. I think I have been there and I have more rounds.

“For me, going back to the StubHub Center and I fought there before, great atmosphere. Being on PBC on FOX, it’s huge. Especially being part of this big card with Berto-Ortiz who the first fight was – it was a war. So I’m looking forward and I’m just happy to be part of it as well, with Thomas who’s a fighter who brings a lot of pressure. It’s going to be a great match for the fans and you can’t go wrong.”

Asked whether the fight would go the distance, Rodriguez answered bluntly: “Hell no,” before discussing going up against Williams’ southpaw style.

“Just fighting a southpaw, it’s a whole thing. Everything is different. So because of that I was happy to have a long camp, because fighting a southpaw there were things that we needed to work on. It’s a whole different style. I don’t want to get into details but, it’s just a whole different style and different game plan.

“It’s easier for them because they always fight right-handed. We don’t fight that many southpaws. But, I feel comfortable. I never had any issues with southpaws so I’m excited to get this fight in. Actually I’d like to thank Thomas Williams because he was the one that came out and called my name that he wanted this fight.

“I’ve got to thank him because without fighting a guy like Thomas who has a name in boxing and being on TV a few times, I wouldn’t have been able to keep moving up. Because I kept getting these guys that were undefeated but nobody really knew anything about them. So I think that fighting a guy like Thomas that, people know who he is. I think it’ll put that nail the coffin for me to get a world title fight.

“After the Andre Ward fight I’ve just been working my way to get back on title contention. So no I’ve been looking for a world title fight. Thomas didn’t have that so I was never really looking at him or anything like that. But I’m happy this fight got made, two tough contenders going at it. It’s a great fight and I’m excited. Let’s get it on,” he added.