Exclusive: Coldwell says Price can follow examples, come back strong

Phil Jay 28/04/2016

Sebastian Heger

Trainer David Coldwell is backing former British champion David Price regain a foothold in the division as the ‘Big Horrible Heavyweight’ gears up for his comeback on May 29.

Price, 32, linked up with Coldwell at his Yorkshire gym after making the decision to return to the UK on the back of a self-imposed five-fight hiatus following two defeats to Tony Thompson.

A crushing knockout loss to Erkan Teper ended what looked to be a promising run to the European title for Price, although that reverse has now been changed to a no-contest due to a failed drugs test by the German.

The rebuilding job begins on the undercard of Tony Bellew’s WBC cruiserweight title clash with Ilunga Makabu at Goodison Park as Price aims to silence the doubters who don’t see a future for the former Olympic medallist at the top level.

In a previous interview with WBN, Coldwell stated his pleasure at the progress Price has made since the turn of the year, and this time pointed out a few examples of current stars who have fought their way back from adversity.

“There are fighters who have been beaten before, stopped before and career looked in tatters before. But they’ve gone away, rebuilt and come back,” Coldwell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“There are fighters who have been perceived to be chinny but have gone on to have great careers.

“I remember when David Haye was coming through and people said he was chinny. He was all of over the place with Lolenga Mock, who was a super-middleweight. Then he got stopped by Carl Thompson and they said, ‘he got no stamina and gasses’ and he can’t take a shot, which is what they said about Pricey.

“People thought Haye didn’t have a good enough chin to step up to heavyweight from cruiserweight, but look at what he has achieved and then look at people like Amir Khan. He’s been dropped, stopped by other fighters and hurt by different fighters but he keeps finding a way to win. When he hits a setback, he goes away, regroups, works on things and comes back.

“Then there’s Wladimir Klitschko getting beat by Ross Puritty and being stopped by others, so his career has been in tatters too. But he went away and regrouped. If anyone had said he’s going to go on and dominate the heavyweight division for ten years, they would all have said you were crazy.

“When a man’s willing to learn, keep trying and he’s got tools that are world-class, be it a world-class chin, world-class speed or world-class power – if you possess something that’s world-class ability, then you have always got a chance.

“Let’s not forget that Pricey can box as well as having world-class power as you don’t get an Olympic bronze medal for nothing.”

On a possible future goal for Price, who hopes to be reinstated into the IBF rankings next month, Coldwell added: “’We have some building to do before we can look at the ultimate goal of a heavyweight title.”