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Home » I’m fat, I hate boxing and I beat Wladimir Klitschko – Tyson Fury

I’m fat, I hate boxing and I beat Wladimir Klitschko – Tyson Fury

From entering Manchester Arena with a swarm of cheerleaders – to taking off his shirt and pointed out his podge, Fury was in his element as he conducted the proceedings and overshadowed his upcoming opponent.

One of Fury’s main talking points was to hand Klitschko the realisation that he was beaten by someone that has no love for the sport and who has since been enjoying his victory by putting on more than his usual poundage.

“You let a fat man beat you! I’m fat as a pig and 30 stone, but I could beat him right now,” declared Fury.

He went on: “I hate boxing. But I’m just too f***ing good at it to stop. I’m making too much money from it to stop.

“Everyone thought he was Superman but he clearly isn’t. Getting old is horrible and he’s getting old. Whatever a fighter can do, I’ll adapt to it. It doesn’t matter what shape I’m in. I’ll win whatever,” added Fury.

Their second meeting is due to go down on July 9, eight months on from Fury defeating Klitschko on points in what was effectively his own backyard in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Fury is now favoured to repeat the feat and put the seal on his current dominance of the top division ahead of a possible unification with Anthony Joshua in 2017.