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Home » Fury: Wlad found his b*******, I’ll KO him in one round this time

Fury: Wlad found his b*******, I’ll KO him in one round this time

Fury, 27, fights Klitschko again in July – eight months on from his famous Dusseldorf victory, and was in his usual vocal mood when getting the chance to speak once being told to ‘f*** off’ by Klitschko earlier.

“Seems like Wlad found his bollocks,” said Fury in response, before addressing Klitschko directly and saying: “You got beat fair and square the first time on your home turf. You landed about four shots in twelve rounds.”

Turning back to the media, Fury carried on by stating: “The reason he was so victorious for eleven years was because he never fought anyone with a pair of bollocks. The outcome of this fight will be different, I’m going to knock him out in a round. No 40–year-old can beat me!”

Klitschko had revealed that he himself would also be going for a knockout – this time around – but Fury met that statement head on.

“Wladimir isn’t a fighting man. If he comes out swinging, I’ll just chin him – simple,” he said – before looking at Klitschko and firing bluntly: “You couldn’t knock a w**k out!”

The top divison pair are already talking early victories as the rematch simmers nicely, although with over two months left to fight night, there’s going to be plenty more mud flying before the first bell.