Price speaks out over Teper rating, feels cheated and wants justice


Returning British heavyweight David Price has revealed his disappointment at former opponent Erkan Teper’s latest appearance in the IBF ratings.


The International Boxing Federation posted their list for March last week with Teper making the top three despite being on a two-year EBU suspension for not one, but two positive drugs tests.

Price was knocked out by Teper in his bid to claim the European title last summer and so far in his career has lost three bouts, all to fighters who have been under the suspicion of doping.

After keeping relatively quiet up until this point, the Liverpudlian, who returns on May 29 on the Tony Bellew v Ilunga Makubu undercard, has now spoken out.

“Look at those rankings. Everyone knows what happened,” said Price.

“So here is my question…Why is the man who cheated to beat me still in at number three? (Teper) Failed the drug test on drostanolone and f*** knows what else he will have been on in his camp that will have been out of his system by fight night. (Plus, he) is on a two-year ban!

“I’m sick of this being brushed aside, ‘Oh Pricey would have got knocked out anyway’ or whatever else gets said. (The) Fact is I was cheated and I’ll stand by that for ever.

“So that’s in the past and things have changed. Now I think I’m owed something here. The very least should be once I’m active again and winning, Teper is removed and I’m reinstated back in the top 15. Even at 15. There are opportunities awaiting ranked fighters and I won’t be denied because I’ve been cheated. I’m gonna bang the drum about this whether people like it or not. Say what you will but I’ve lost to 2 men. Both failed

“I’m gonna bang the drum about this whether people like it or not. Say what you will but I’ve lost to two men. Both (of whom) failed post-fight drug tests and f*** all has been done about it. I want some justice,” he added.

Teper’s inclusion in the IBF rankings seems a peculiar one and WBN have contacted the IBF for an explanation of why the German remains as their top-rated contender.