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‘The Herminator’ aims to build on recent victory with China bout

Ene-Purcell is scheduled to fight for the second time on a card promoted by China’s biggest boxing promoter Liu Gang.

It’s the biggest step of the Herminator’s career with the opportunity to fight for a WBC title in the pipeline for the end of the year.

“Herman scored a fantastic win in New Zealand over the weekend and he’s turned plenty of heads,” Ene-Purcell’s Promoter-Manager Brendon Smith said.

“After his big win Liu has reached out and wants Herman on his next big card on June 24 in Beijing.

“It’s a huge opportunity for Herman on a massive stage.

“This fight will be broadcast to millions across Asia and in front of a full house.

“Herman is reaping the rewards of his great performance in Auckland.

“He beat a good opponent in Tom Heads who I have no doubt will win a lot more fights in his career and is in line for New Zealand title shot.

“It was a controversial win, it should’ve been stopped in the third after Herman scored a second knock down but in bizarre circumstances the ref appeared to wave the fight off but then called box just as the bell sounded to end the third.

“Despite the distraction Herman held his composure and went on to get the decision – again amid controversy.

“It was a unique experience that’s for sure.

“The main thing is Herman got the result and now we move on.

“A win in China and Herman’s one step closer to a WBC Youth World title.”

Ene-Purcell was very humbled by the opportunity to fight once again in China.

“I can’t say thanks enough to Mr Liu Gang for this opportunity,” Ene-Purcell said.

“The first time I fought on Mr Gang’s card it was one of the greatest experiences in my career.

“To get to do that again – I’m very humbled.

“Thanks to Mr Gang and also to my manager Brendon Smith for helping me reach my goals in boxing.”

Ene-Purcell returned home to a hero’s welcome at the Wellcamp airport, proudly wearing his WBC medal.

“Having traveled all over the World with the sport of boxing I can tell you there is no better feeling than flying home and landing in your home city,” Brendon Smith said.

“The Wagner family needs to be congratulated for what they’ve done for our region. It’s amazing.

Ene-Purcell will return to training immediately in readiness for his next challenge.

“We need to work straight away,” Smith said. “June 24 will come around fast.

“Opportunities are coming rapidly for Herman.

“As well as the opportunity in China there was also strong interest for a big fight in Germany.

“Herman’s performances on the International stage are certainly being noticed.

“He’s a young man with limitless potential. The sky is the limit.”

Ene-Purcell will be a special guest at the upcoming TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 13 card on May 13.

“It’s a great card here in Toowoomba and I can’t wait to support my team mates on the night,” Ene-Purcell said. “We have great team spirit.”