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Nick Blackwell: I’m done fighting, can’t put my family through it

The 26 year-old was defeated by UK rival Chris Eubank Jr in ten rounds on March 26 before collapsing in the ring – suffering a small bleed to the brain.

Despite Blackwell being well on the road to recovery after being awoken by doctors on April 2, the fighter has stated that he will never box again – but that he will stay in the sport in some capacity.

“That’s me done. I can’t put my friends, family and myself through that again,” said Blackwell.

“But I’ll still be involved,” he added.

Blackwell has also responded to Eubank Jr since re-entering the public eye, accepting an offer from his ex-opponent to visit him in hospital. Eubank had originally asked on the day Blackwell came around, although the pair are now planning to meet up soon.

The boxing world breathed a huge sigh of relief when Blackwell’s health began improving as the medical procedures put in place following the injuries suffered by Michael Watson in the 1990’s once again proved to be key.

Compatriots Kieran Farrell and Jerome Wilson are two other recent examples of instant care helping a stricken boxer keep his faculties intact as both are now involved in other ventures since being forced to retire prematurely.