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Danny Maclaren to work with Dennis Hobson on future shows

The show takes place at Bethnal Green’s famous York Hall and will feature – amongst others – Guernsey’s Brad Watson, Kent’s George Hennon, and Londoners Kian Thomas and Louis Adolphe.

With Dennis and Danny looking to continue to work together regularly, we catch up with Maclaren (pictured alongside Shane Mosley) to find out more about plans for the future …

How have you found yourself getting involved in boxing promotion?

I’ve been around boxing from a young age with training and my family boxing, and I ended up doing evening shows with famous ex-professionals. I then helped out at some amateur shows and ended up running a series of white collar shows before being given the opportunity by Dennis Hobson to move into the professional game.

Tell us about your first pro show?

This first show we have a real mix of lads. Johnny Coyle and Craig Whyatt are two guys that have more experience than the other guys, both are very good boxers who are looking to push on for honours. Kirk Garvey and Louis Adolphe are amateur champions who haven’t had the break in the pro ranks they deserved and both will be competing for major titles in the next few years. Kian Thomas and George Hennon are both very good prospects who I’m looking forward to watching box for the first time myself. Tey Lynn Jones and Idris Hill I’ve seen on the unlicensed circuit before and they have the determination and talent to really go places. So all these guys should have very exciting futures and will just get better and better.

The talent on this show I believe is very high compared to a lot of small hall shows. We’ve gone for quality rather than quantity so every fight you should expect to see a really good prospect in action and someone to keep your eyes on for the future.

How pleased are you to be working with Dennis Hobson on this first pro show?

I’m very excited to be working alongside Dennis and realise how fortunate I am to be given the opportunity. He has lots of experience and contacts for me to lean on when needed, and I know he’ll always be on hand to advise and correct me. Working behind the scenes with James Russell has also been vital and I’ve learnt so much about the professional game in such a short time. Working with James and Dennis is a great education for me.

What are your short and long term plans in boxing promotion?

The short term and long term aims are to build as a trio together, bring top quality boxing to small hall shows and make boxing more appealing to the masses. We want to make shows more entertaining and want fans itching to get back to next show so the pressure can be eased on the boxers who have to sell tickets. We’re looking at providing the best small shows in London and the surrounding areas, and producing our own stable of guys who will have opportunities at the highest level.

For ticket information call 07830 178 104.