Chris Eubank Jr contacts Nick Blackwell, reiterates visit request

Nick Blackwell Chris Eubank Jr

Chris Eubank Jr has openly contacted Nick Blackwell for a second time on social media after revealing there has still been no reply to his original offer of a visit.

The new British middleweight champion had stated he wanted to go to the hospital where Blackwell was being treated as ‘he had something’ for the Trowbridge man in the hours after being awoken from his coma by doctors in early April.

Over two weeks on and Eubank Jr has not been able to follow through with his pledge, with the Brighton puncher once again taking to his Twitter account in a bid to reach out to his former opponent.

“I’ve tried reaching out since you woke. Haven’t heard anything back from you or your team. I hope there’s no hard feelings,” said Eubank Jr in response to Blackwell’s two tweets thanking everyone for their support.

eubank blackwell

Blackwell, 26, is back on social media himself for the first time in just under a month since being placed in the induced coma on the back of his stoppage loss to Eubank Jr on March 26 in London.

The Gary Lockett trained boxer also replied to World Boxing News on Monday following well wishes from WBN as Blackwell continues his recovery from what turned out to be the biggest fight of his life.