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Home » Meldonium detectable longer than expected – says Mikhalkin promoter, wants EBU to reconsider

Meldonium detectable longer than expected – says Mikhalkin promoter, wants EBU to reconsider

The 30-year-old was tested after his title defense against Patrick Bois on 12 March in Paris and found to have the substance Meldonium in his system, which is on the WADA list of banned substances since the beginning of this year.

According to new research, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) could reconsider its handling of Meldonium as representatives of the Institute of Biochemistry and the German Sports University in Cologne confirmed the drug may be detectable longer in the human body.

“The study shows that there seem two phases of excretion, a very fast and very slow, which can potentially last for several months and this has not been expected,” said Mario Thevis of the German Sports University in the sports information service (sid).

Igor Mikhalkin had admitted to having taken Meldonium, but also said that he had dropped it when he learned that the agent is prohibited. Meaning that the Hamburg-based Russian may have been singled out unjustly.

“We have contacted the EBU and informed them immediately when we learned of the new study,” says promoter Erol Ceylan. “We assume that Meldonium will either again be taken from the list of prohibited substances or that it at least has to be a longer transition period for detection. We cannot punish an athlete if he has done something that was allowed at that time. in this

In this respect, Igor must retain his European title and go through with his planned defence on May 27 against Mehdi Amar. The contracts for the fight have been signed already and long ago, in our view.”

The European Boxing Union (EBU) has not yet ruled conclusively on the case and is waiting on the decision of WADA on how to deal with Meldonium in future.

“We trust that the EBU will do the right thing,” adds Ceylan. “But of course we also reserve legal action if Igor should be locked out of the title.”