Major Las Vegas fights that made it the capital of boxing

Las Vegas is known as a city of lights and 24/7 entertainment.

Millions of people come here every year for several reasons: to have the greatest bachelor party one can think of, play in numerous casinos or see some spectacular events, like fights between famous boxers, concerts, etc.

With a beginning of a new millennium, we have entered new era – the technological one. Now we have access to almost everything via the Internet, it is possible to watch movies, communicate with friends on long distances, and even play casino games, for instance, more and more people in New Zealand prefer to visit different online casinos. They choose to register at blackjack casino sites, rather than going to the actual casino. But still there is a great number of people who go to Las Vegas, or other cities, where they can play various games and have the opportunity to see an impressive event, like a boxing fight. So, what are the events that turned Las Vegas into the capital of Boxing?

  1. Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton (1978, Caesars Palace Sports Pavilion). The fight was really tense, as by the end of the 14th round, the fierce opponents were struggling till the very end of the last round. Holmes was a winner of that fight, winning on two cards, he gained victory by split-decision.

  2. Riddick Bowe vs.Evander Holyfield II (1993, Caesars Palace Sports Pavilion). Holyfield II performed a great show and regained his heavyweight title.

  3. Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield I (1996, MGM Grand Garden Arena). It was a really hard-fought match. The first round started with a number of strong and acute punches, both from Holyfield and Tyson. In Round 6, Holyfield beats Tyson to the ground, but the match-up continued. The WBA Heavyweight title was won by Holyfield in the 11th round with a technical knock-out. It was clear, that after this fight the rematch was inevitable.

  4. Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield II (1997, MGM Grand Garden Arena). What a fight! Could you ever think that Iron Mike can turn into Hannibal the Cannibal? This match entered the sports history as “The Bite Fight” when in the 3rd round Tyson have bitten Holyfield’s left ear and not once, but TWICE! Tyson understood that he had no way out, and Holyfield may win once again, so he pulled out that atrocious stunt and bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear. It was a performance that shocked everyone, Tyson was disqualified, and Holyfield remained with his title.

  1. (1985, Caesars Palace Sports Pavilion). Do you know how long did last the greatest fight that took place in Las Vegas? Only 8 minutes and 1 second! Incredible fight, the audience was excited, roaring and whistling. The first round was just unbelievable, although the pace of the fight in second round became a little slower, but still there was enough of action. The third round was crucial for this match, as Tommy Hearns took too many punches from Marvin Hagler and could no longer continue the fight.

So, these are the greatest fight that took place in Las Vegas and turned it into a boxing capital of the world, not only the casino one.