Noureddine Meddoun brands all British heavyweights ‘cowards’

Noureddine Meddoun isn’t one for doing overtime in the ring. The heavyweight from Swindon has picked up all four of his career victories in the first round by way of knockout, a statistic that he thinks is making it harder to pick up fights today.

“They’re all running from me, they’re petrified,” says Meddoun. “I want Ian Lewison. He thinks he’s a big name, he’s held the Southern Area belt and he goes around mouthing off on social media about how he wants this fighter and that fighter. I’m here and I’m ready, why does he need to go elsewhere?”

Meddoun isn’t quiet in his pursuit of Londoner Lewison and is adamant that the one time Southern Area champion is making sure that the two don’t share a ring. “My Manager, Steve Goodwin, gets a phone call from Lewison’s team asking for Ali Adams in April. Steve told them Ali isn’t around and offers my name instead. They told Steve that Ian won’t take it, he hasn’t got the balls to fight me. He’s scared of me. They’re all scared to fight me, all British heavyweights are cowards and they know what they’ve got coming to them if they sign the paperwork. Lewison wants to fight nobodies, that’s a fact. He’s scared to take risks, just look at his record. I hurt people, it’s as simple as that. It’s the heavyweight game and I’m there to stop fights early. I want Lewison so I can show him what a true heavyweight warrior is. No talking, just smashing him up which I’m happy to do at the end of April.”

Meddoun is looking for the big fights to get back to regular action and on his radar he is marking out a number of British heavyweights. “We’ve offered fights to Gary Cornish, to David Allen. None of them want to know about it and instead they fight washed up names from overseas” says Meddoun. “Look at Allen, he fought an injured Jason Gavern a couple of weeks back. Why? We called up and said we would take that fight at short notice but instead they would rather pay to fly an injured American has-been over to take the fight. That tells you everything about the state of British heavyweights, they’re cowards.”

The frustration around finding an opponent means that Meddoun is shortly due to go and fight overseas to find himself a willing opponent. He hopes that getting back in the ring will spark some interest and get him the challenges he craves. “I’m a warrior, I’ll fight anyone. We’ve looked at the upcoming heavyweight Nick Webb, I like that fight. Like me he hits hard and has stopped everyone he’s fought, that’s the kind of kid I want to be in with. Hopefully he will take the challenge, because it’s clear to me that Ian Lewison doesn’t fancy it. All I want is fights.”

Meddoun will get the chance soon to take out his frustrations overseas. By the time the plane touches down back in the UK, he will be hoping that his calls have been answered.