The Casinos guide: Chipanalyst starts covering boxing betting

WBN 06/04/2016

While some other sports haven’t evolved much when it comes to betting, Boxing has made a statement about having a great versatility on this particular area.

As well as a high level of complexity, as not any fan have the knowledge or the skills to be a successful player inside this particular world, a vast knowledge of statistics and forecasts abilities are required in order to succeed, which is why most of the successful gamblers make of boxing a big part of their life; they procure to watch as many encounters as they can to get a subjective idea of the boxers style, technique and deficiencies, but they also follow statistics and keep in constant touch with the boxing world through magazines and specialized TV programs or websites.

Not because they lack of knowledge but to consider different points of view and to get rid of any personal judgement, aspect that can harm us a lot when we wish to achieve an objective decision, and, objectiveness represents one of the most, if not the most, important factor for making smart bets and achieving good results, what actually means: money, real money.

On the other hand, and speaking about versatility, betting on boxing has now expanded its horizons due to the new technologic tendencies. What has changed consumers approach to their personal interests and needs; smartphones and tablets have changed the game, and any enterprise who refuses to adapt is doomed to oblivion; but fear not, casinos would never allow this, and the Chipanalyst casino guide will help you get through the different options of online casinos available, and will also got you covered with some useful advices for betting on boxing and for choosing the best option of online casino.

Advice to pick your casino

Reviews & Rating: There is no better proof for a casino’s liability than the feedback of the regular users, who will always be willing to leave a review and rating to share how their experiences were, but beware of paid reviews and try to find those ones that does not look like commercials or too enthusiastic hate comments.

Get the most out of your money: While most of the regular casinos don’t offer too many “special gifts” for their clients, online casinos have a lot of different offers in order to gain customers loyalty, what gives a lot of juicy options for the users, who should take a bit of their time to see the different welcome bonuses and special gifts offered by the casinos in order to get the most out of their money.

Funding Options: It will always be a better idea to pick a casino with a lot of payment options, this way we will avoid any problem when funding our favorite games, and even will be able to spend virtual coins like Bitcoin or maybe get special promotions by using platforms like PayPal. Also, you should always pick a casino that gives you completely availability over your money and allows you to withdraw at any moment.

Trackable Record: Any trustable casino will have a way to trace their operations, either because they need to report their financial operation in order to move within the law, or because they have been way too long in the business, so we recommend you to stick to the famous franchises or to carefully check any option you are considering for your bets, also, it is always a better idea to be sure that the software they are using comes from a recognized provider like Microgaming, Playtech or RealtimeGaming, so we can secure a better experience while playing.
Now that you know a bit more about the basics when choosing your online casino, it is time to understand a bit more about how betting on boxing works as well as analyze some small advices that may help you on your further betting choices.

When betting on boxing statistics take a big part of our decisions, as it is always important to take considerations of factors like the weight, accuracy, KO percentage, age, reach capability, among other hard data, however, there are more circumstantial factors that need to be considered to achieve better results, like the “momentum” and mental state of the players, possible meaning of the fight to the boxers and the strategy that the fighters may take on the ring, as it may define the length of the match or the circumstances of its end.

As we mentioned before, it is always important to keep in touch with the boxing world through different means and listen to what experts have to say, without conforming with hearing just one opinion; in order to get a better personal approach, it will always be important to hear a lot of personal opinions besides of our own.