Nick Blackwell sitting up smiling, giving thumbs up (photo)

Nick Blackwell

Former British middleweight champion Nick Blackwell seems to be improving by the day as the Trowbridge man was pictured sitting up and smiling in hospital this week.

The image from the Blackwell family was posted after the 25 year-old was originally snapped at the weekend having woken from a six-day coma.

blackwell up

Evidently, Blackwell is getting back to his old self quicker than expected and has been communicating freely with his family members and friends since Saturday.

Quick actions from doctors at ringside on March 26, when Blackwell suffered a bleed on the brain on the back of losing to Chris Eubank Jr, have seemingly saved the fighter from potentially long-term term damage.

A further statement is expected to be released on Blackwell’s long-term prognosis in the near future.