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Home » Benn: I’ll post video of me failing to KO son Conor when he’s champ

Benn: I’ll post video of me failing to KO son Conor when he’s champ

Benn apparently shared a few rounds with his son in the gym and wanted to test his chin ahead of run in the sport. The 52 year-old stated that he tried to throw everything he had at Conor but had no luck taking him out.

“I sparred with him recently and I tried to knock him out – seriously. He said ‘yeah?’ And I threw the kitchen sink at him and he threw it back at me. I was 20 kilos heavier than him and he said ‘I’ll have it with you’. He was Super-Lightweight and I’m at Cruiserweight, but I tried to bang him out and he wouldn’t budge.

“I’ve filmed that and when he becomes World champion I’ll show it to everyone. That’s how good he is,” promised Benn.

The younger Benn has turned professional despite ‘The Dark Destroyer’ initially wanting Conor to stay out of the ring and Benn has promised to keep away from son Conor’s career. 

A super lightweight prospect, Conor is preparing to make his debut on Saturday night at the O2 Arena on the Charles Martin v Anthony Joshua world title undercard.

Conor, 19, has had a whirlwind of publicity since announcing a deal with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing to turn pro and Nigel is convinced the youngster is a chip off the old block.

“I’m really excited for Conor, he’s incredibly talented,” said Benn. “If I look at myself at 19 next to Conor, there’s no comparison, he’s so much better than I was. He has all the fighting instincts in him and he’s got so much ability, he’s going to be special and he’s going to go on and be better than me, I really believe that. He’s got the heart of a fighter.

“I’m so happy that he’s teaming up with Eddie and I just hope they can develop the sort of relationship that Barry Hearn did with Chris Eubank, and take Conor all the way as they are the new generation, being with Eddie is going to help him so much with Sky Sports backing him.”

In reference to old rival Chris Eubank being hands on in his son Chris Jr’s career, Benn pointed out that he plans on being more in the background whilst Conor pushes on in the coming years.

“Conor is his own man, he’s not following my footsteps, he’s making his own path and he’s completely different to me and I want him to have his own identity. Conor doesn’t need me, he’ll get to the top without me and surpass everything I achieved – I really believe that,” he stated.