Michael McGurk eyes Scottish title shot in 2016

Chris Glover 05/04/2016

Scottish Welterweight prospect Michael McGurk is planning his route to the top of the buzzing scene north of the English border.

McGurk has amassed six victories in his first six contests since turning over as a professional after a successful amateur career and is staying ready for whatever opportunities present themselves to the Uddingston man.

“I’ve got nothing lined up at the moment but I’m staying in the gym with both Lawrence and Michael Murphy. I’m keeping fit and still training twice a day as you never know when that call could come for a fight.”

McGurk took on the tough former Northern Ireland Champion James Gorman in his last contest, comfortably outpointing the Belfast man in a fight that was a step up in class for the 22 year old native of Glasgow. The towering Welterweight gave his opinion on his last contest.

“The fight was easy enough to be honest. I worked the jab well, I had to as I hurt my right hand in the first round then hurt my left in the second. I thought it was a good performance and I possibly could have stopped Gorman if my hands hadn’t of got hurt early on.”

Uddingston’s McGurk was highly rated as an amateur and once crossed paths with Charlie Edwards as a junior down at Flyweight. Now a Welterweight, McGurk has is own ambitions and is happy to divulge them.

“Everyone’s got dreams to be a World Champion. I’ve never felt outclassed in sparring and I’ve sparred some top fighters so I know I can go a long way. I’ll fight anybody and there’s nobody I feel I couldn’t beat at my weight at the moment. I’d love a Scottish title fight this year and I’m still growing so I could go up through the weights in the future.”

McGurk’s team work closely with Ricky Flanagan and the team at Uddingston Physiotherapy and the 22 year old Welterweight gives Ricky a lot of credit for helping him through his recent injuries.

“Ricky and the team have eben great. I see him every week and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be able to stay in the gym like I do. I owe a lot to Ricky and the team for their help.”

News will be coming shortly Uddingston Welterweight Michael McGurk’s next opponent.