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Martin: I won’t respect Joshua’s power – he should respect mine!

Martin, 29, puts his own undefeated record on the line at the O2 Arena, whilst opponent Joshua can also boast as standout record of 15 stoppages from 15 wins.

Asked whether Joshua’s 100% KO ratio was a concern to him, the American was quite blunt with his response.

“I’m not going to go in there respecting anybody’s power, he’s going to have to respect me and my power and deal with me. I don’t care what he’s bringing to the table,” said Martin on Sky Sports Behind The Ropes.

“When I get like this I can’t be stopped. I’m like Lamon Brewster when he fought Wladimir Klitschko. He unloaded all those shots until he couldn’t throw anymore punches and then what did Lamon Brewster do, he knocked him out. Just that will to win man, you can throw whatever you want but I’ll walk through fire to get you.”

Joshua has been addressing his problems as a youngster and how he overcame adversity in his hometown of Watford, although Martin pointed out that it wasn’t all plain sailing for himself growing up on the tough streets of St. Louis.

“We grew up hard. Hard and hungry, no food no Daddy. My uncle was the one who handled the man part of my life,” he revealed.

“I still saw a lot of stuff even as a kid. I had to fight every day, we had a tussle every day, somebody wanted to try us every day. I’ve got a lot of pent up anger inside of me, it’s just life. There’s a lot of things I don’t like expressing – it just stays within. That emotion comes out when I’m in the ring.

“I’m the champ, I’m going to keep on being the champ. So I’m going to knock him out, period. I don’t need to call no rounds, when I see it I’m going to do it. I’m going to get right over you, I’m going to step right over you. I walk this earth like a God, and that’s who I am,” added Martin.

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