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James DeGale: Boxing tough and dangerous, but safe enough

DeGale, who has spent plenty of time with Blackwell in the gym, is saddened by Blackwell’s current plight but says he has no extra concerns about the safety of participants ahead of his next title defense against Rogelio Medina.

“Obviously, it’s always sad whenever this happens in our sport,” DeGale told Sky Sports News HQ at his media announcement last week.

“It’s hard for me because I’ve known Nick for a couple of years now and I’ve done hundreds of rounds with him. But it just shows you how tough and how dangerous our sport is.

“All of us have got our fingers crossed and we are praying for him and hopefully he comes through.

Asked if he believes the sports is safe enough in its current form, DeGale added: “Yeah, I think it is.”

Blackwell’s situation is still unclear as no official updates have been forthcoming in the past week from the family or the doctors treating the former British champion, who was stopped in the tenth round of a brutal battle with Chris Eubank Jr on March 26.

Eubank Jr held an ‘informal chat’ with the media in the wake of the incident and is refusing to acknowledge his victory until news on Blackwell is positive.