Watch: Briggs wants Haye, ‘baby milk’ Joshua and Fury for afters

London Live, the capital’s TV channel, interviewed two-time heavyweight champion of the world Shannon Briggs on last night’s Jason Cundy Kicks Off.

The 44 year-old spoke to Arsenal Captain and England Vice Captain Alex Scott about gate-crashing David Haye press conference and confirmed that he got his MRI Scan done and wants to fight David Haye on May 21st.

Selected quotes from Briggs are below. Watch the full video provided by London Live

· “David Prey is what I call him David Prey, he’s the prey”

· “Guess what I did, I went and got my MRI today… I went to Harley street today and got it done champ. May 21st, O2 – lets go champ!”

· “He should be fighting on my undercard. I’m in the best shape of my life, he’s nothing. He’s a fraud. He’s been pretending to the people that he’s this and he’s that, and he’s coming back in arenas fighting pies, fighting nobody.”

· “I say put up or shut up.”

· “I sell tickets nobody can beat me. I’m in the best shape of my life” *takes off his shirt for the rest of the interview*

· “I came back to bring something back to boxing to challenge anybody. Fury, anybody. I want him. I call (Joshua) baby milk. I want baby milk next. After Haye I want baby milk, then I want Fury.”

· “I’m the superman, there’s no kryptonite to this thing.”

· “I want David Haye then (Anthony) Joshua then (Tyson) Fury,”

· “(Anthony) Joshua is baby milk… he needs a nappy.. pampers, nappies, he’s a baby.”