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Hobson sure Watson has learned from Fidoe defeat

Watson, from Guernsey, was riding high at 10-0 before meeting Fidoe in September last year. After a good first round, the 25-year-old never recovered from a temple shot in the next session, with the action called off to give Fidoe an unexpected victory – only his fifth in 28 contests at the time.

Now under the guidance of Hobson after splitting with Kellie Maloney, Watson gets his first outing since that defeat when he appears at Bethnal Green’s York Hall on April 29. Hobson, promoting at the famous fight venue in association with Danny McClaren, is looking forward to working in London and hopefully unearthing a future star.

“With me having a home in Jersey, there’s a connection with Brad, and there aren’t many fighters from the Channel Islands that have turned pro and won something,” explained Hobson. “Brad is 10-1 at the moment, and because he’s a bantamweight it means he can move into a title opportunity quicker. I’d really like to do something in Guernsey with him, he’s a very popular kid and has got a great story being one of 14 kids! He’s got a real personality and I’ve taken to him.

“This will be the first fight he’s had with me. I’ve got him coming over to Sheffield to work with Chris [Smedley] and we’ll see what level he’s at and whether he’s ready for an eliminator or a title straight away. But I think in the next couple of fights we’ll move him into some kind of title contention. I’m looking forward to working with him.

“The Brett Fidoe loss has been a learning curve for him. He didn’t come in with the right preparation and thought it was going to be a walk in the park. He thought ‘even though I don’t feel right, he’s still a journeyman and I’ll beat him’. But he’s learnt that you can’t take short cuts, and you can’t just turn up and beat people. He got found out, and we might see if we can get a rematch to show that it was a one-off. But it’s been a learning process for Brad.

“I’m working with Danny on this show, and I’m looking forward to doing something at the York Hall because it’s full of character and history. I remember Clinton Woods fighting there, and I’ve been involved with a few fighters and shows down there. Apart from the two big promoters Hearn and Warren, there are opportunities for other promoters to get involved with fighters looking for an alternative because sometimes they can’t service them and get them dates. So, hopefully we’ll put some regular shows on and find a jewel in the crown.”

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