Eubank Sr disputes Nelson claim, says he was protecting Blackwell

Nick Blackwell Chris Eubank Jr

Chris Eubank Sr indirectly commented on the recent claims by former world champion Johnny Nelson that was just giving his son tactical advice and not attempting to save Nick Blackwell from continued damage.

Senior initially stated that he told Eubank Jr to aim for Blackwell’s body as he saw that the ex-British champion was in trouble, although Nelson disputed this claim on UK radio when giving his opinion that the 1990’s legend as just giving planning strategy.

When speaking to gathered media at an ‘informal chat’ on Tuesday, Eubank Sr reaffirmed that he was indeed attempting to stop any further punishment to Blackwell’s bloodied and swollen face.

“Even in sparring, I tell Junior to stay away from the head because his punching is fast, powerful and dangerous,” pointed out Eubank Sr.

“So most certainly I was saying this to protect the fighter. Junior had the fight won. This is a dangerous sport and we are real.”

On the referee’s decision to keep the fight going after the seventh round, Eubank added: “I can’t sit here to say the referee should or shouldn’t have done something. He’s a professional paid to do something and he saw fit for Nick to keep taking the punches he did.”

Blackwell has spent time in a coma since the events transpired and it is hoped no lasting damage will be evident once doctors attempt to bring the Trowbridge fighter round this week.