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Eubank Jr refusing to acknowledge win until Blackwell fully recovers

Eubank defeated Blackwell in ten rounds at the SSE Arena at Wembley on Saturday night, after which the bout took a turn for the worse. A battered Blackwell collapsed and was carried from the ring on a stretcher before being taking to hospital and placed in an induced coma.

The Eubank’s called an ‘informal chat’ on Tuesday to address the many media requests received since Blackwell’s suffered a bleed on the brain which gave Junior and Senior the chance to air their views.

It has been pointed out on more than one occasion since that Eubank Sr called for his son to go for the knockout, but ‘only to the body’ from the eighth round onwards and Junior then eased off in the ninth session before the doctor halted the encounter.

“No fighter goes in there to cause that sort of damage. The first thing I did was tweeted him, saying he’s a true fighter, he’s a true warrior,” said Eubank Jr.

“It’s not personal, it’s a business. I’ve tunnel vision when I’m in there and my dad could see he had nothing left and so he said ‘body’.

“This is in no way insensitive to the position of Nick Blackwell and no celebration by Team Eubank has happened and will not happen until Nick makes a full recovery, and I mean full recovery.

“When I saw him on the floor with the oxygen mask on after the match that’s when worry set in,” he added.

Blackwell’s family have asked for privacy since the incident occurred and only sketchy updates from fellow fighters and the British Board have been forthcoming.

Some reports are suggesting that Blackwell could soon be brought out of his coma, although nothing official has come from doctors treating the brave boxer.