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‘Man of Steel’ Nick Blackwell taken to hospital

Fearless Blackwell, 25, took sickening punishment from Eubank for the first eight rounds but refused to take a step back or go down as the Brighton man came on strong at the beginning of every round.
With his nose spread all over his face and a badly swollen eye, the gutsy Blackwell won his first round of the fight on my card in the ninth, to prove just how tough the now ex-British champion really is.
It took a doctor’s ringside decision to get Blackwell out of the ring as ‘Bang Bang’ would have certainly stood toe-to-toe with Eubank all night and taken everything the former interim world champion had to dish out.
In this case, it wasn’t the correct decision to keep Blackwell in there though and in my eyes the fight could have been stopped three or four rounds earlier due to how one-sided the power-punching was. Blackwell was taken out in a stretcher, and as he was treated by medical staff at the SSE Arena, the Hughie Fury fight was put on hold.
Full credit to apparent ‘Superman’ Blackwell for showing he has balls the size of houses, although immediate thoughts are now with the young contender as we await an update on his condition.
Updates will follow on WBN…