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Home » Breidis-Durodola WBC eliminator set, winner faces Makabu or Bellew

Breidis-Durodola WBC eliminator set, winner faces Makabu or Bellew

The event will take place at 12,000 capacity state of the art Ice Hockey ‘Arena Riga’ under Al Siesta and his promotional company ‘Siesta Boxing’.

WBC Cruiserweight eliminator status has been confirmed and the WBC Silver Cruiserweight Title is at stake. It is clear that the winner of this bout will fight the winner of Junior Makabu vs Tony Bellew next.

“I was dreaming of this fixture,” Al Siesta told World Boxing News.

“An unexpected and very unfortunate second injury for Grigory Drozd presented a window of opportunity for everyone in the top six of the WBC Cruiserweight rankings. With Marko Huck winning an IBO Title and Olexander Usyk being a mandatory challenger for the winner of Glowacki vs Cunningham, all the top four of Makabu, Durrodola, Briedis and Bellew were suddenly were thrust into the path for greatness with the WBC.”

Siesta also revealed: “We were in talks with team Durodola before the injury of Drozd came to light. The WBC knew about our negotiations, so they made a fair decision in letting Makabu and Bellew to fight for the newly vacant title as Grigory Drozd was declared a champion in recess. I think it’s a great fight and despite Makabu’s being favourite amongst the majority of boxing connoisseurs, it’s a close 50/50 in my opinion.

Mairis Briedis became a first ever Latvian IBF Intercontinental Champion after stopping a South African Danie Venter in the second round in February in Riga, whilst Durodola had a spectacular performance against a feared ‘Russian Hammer’ Dmitry Kudryashov back in November 2015 in Moscow, also by stopping him in the second.