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Home » Theophane unfazed by Broner reports, fully focused on April 1

Theophane unfazed by Broner reports, fully focused on April 1

It was revealed on Thursday that Broner is facing charges including armed battery for an incident at a bowling alley back in January, although Theophane is not expecting the felony matter to have a bearing on the fight.

Although choosing not to officially comment, Theophane assured World Boxing News that he is fully focused on facing the best Adrien Broner in the ring next weekend and taking his WBA championship belt.

Broner, 26, is looking at time in prison if found guilty of the offences at hand, which include assault, threatening with a firearm and robbery. ‘The Problem’ will have to report to Cincinnati police at some point in the near future, but could be allowed to follow through with the Theophane fight in Washington beforehand.

It won’t be an ideal situation for either boxer as talk surrounding the contest will now be dominated by this week’s revelations and all Theophane can do is brush off the questions asked in a bid to stick to his pre-fight game plan.

Trouble with the law seems to be a sad part of the Adrien Broner story of late as the four-weight world champion, who is all ‘About Billions’, keeps on riding the wave of a seriously out of control lifestyle that could have a hugely detrimental effect on a star quality career.

On a personal note, and something I have written about before is the fact that Broner could have been undefeated through his career with the right choices and be the natural successor to Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the sport’s biggest PPV star.