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Mark de Mori taking stock of career following David Haye KO

The 34 year-old lost for only the second time in his career at the O2 Arena when bludgeoned in just one round by Haye, wiping away a hard-earned and high ranking in just 131 seconds. 

The fighter himself has been very honest in his assessment of how the short contest went down and wants to fully evaluate where he goes from here next before making a final decision.

“This week is exactly three years since I left Australia,” de Mori began in a heartfelt social media post.

“I have been all over Europe giving and receiving concussions. Made lots of new friends and enemies. Travelled to Las Vegas and Florida to deal with Don King. Had my face all over London before David Haye rearranged it.

“I’ve been ranked as high as seven by the WBA and now I’m completely in oblivion.

“I bought and renovated a tourist apartment in Split, the place I fell in love with. Saved a few half dead street cats. Spilt a lot of blood and had a lot of laughs. Been treated like shit and then paid to turn up at events and smile. Destroyed myself with Rakija then recovered my soul at Marjan.

“Thanks to all those who have been a part of this brilliant disaster,” he added.

At first glance, the post looked as though it may be a retirement statement, but when contacted by WBN, de Mori wasn’t 100% sure how the future would pan out.

“It’s not the end, I just don’t really know what’s happening at the moment. I’m trying to let my body and mind recover,” the tough Aussie told World Boxing News.

“I believe I burnt myself out and hated boxing for some time. I’m just not sure what I will do yet. I just need some time off and will make a decision when the time is right.”

One bad defeat shouldn’t spell the end for de Mori, and on the face of it, ‘The Dominator’ has at the very least extended himself into the UK market, a place where redemption attempts are always welcomed.

Fights against the likes of David Price, Dillian Whyte and others on the peripheral of European class could be a better benchmark for de Mori to get back into contention, it just remains to be seen if the desire to get back still burns as hard.