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Home » Blackwell: Eubank Jr fought punch bags until Saunders schooled him!

Blackwell: Eubank Jr fought punch bags until Saunders schooled him!

Blackwell and Eubank Jr. have become entangled in a war of words since their highly-anticipated fight was announced and the champion from Trowbridge is keen to expose the challenger’s true colours this weekend.

“Boring? I think it’s boring watching Chris Eubank Jr. is beat up opponents who are basically punch bags time and time again,” says Blackwell. “You might as well go to your local boxing gym and watch someone hit the heavy bag for a few rounds.

“That’s all Eubank Jr. brought to the table until Billy Joe Saunders schooled him. How is that exciting? How can he claim to be entertaining? He’s only had one or two proper fights in his whole pro career. I’ve had more interesting spars than he’s had fights.

“I’ve no idea how he can say I’m boring. I might not be the most technical fighter in the world, but I turn up and fight. I stand toe-to-toe and give as good as I get. I don’t take a step back from anyone. He’ll be the one trying to escape and run away on Saturday night.”

Eubank Jr., of course, believes he will meet Blackwell punch for punch and that his power – and, specifically, his uppercut – will separate the champion from his title within the scheduled distance. It’s a forecast Blackwell is unable to take seriously.

“Let him think he’s the bigger puncher,” he says. “When he gets in there with me and is breathing out of his arse and getting hit flush by me, he’ll realise I hit a lot harder than my record might suggest. He won’t want to be taking it on the chin from me in ten-ounce gloves. No chance.

“I’ve been hit by some big punchers and I know I’m tough.

‘Spike’ O’Sullivan is a fairly big puncher but he doesn’t punch in combination very much and he’s not as fast as me. He still had Eubank Jr. going at one stage. He had him hurt. When Eubank Jr. takes some clean shots from me, we’ll see what happens.

“Look at who I have fought and look at who he has fought. I’ve fought proper fighters. He has fought people who were dragged off the streets and persuaded to put on a pair of gloves and fight him.

“Well, on Saturday night he’s facing a proper fighter again. The last time he did that he got his arse kicked by Billy Joe Saunders.”

*** Tickets for the British middleweight title blockbuster between Nick ‘Bang Bang’ Blackwell and Chris Eubank Jr. are priced at £35, £50, £75, £175, £200 and £250 for ringside and can be purchased online at and or by phoning the SSE Arena, Wembley Box Office on 0844 815 0815 ***