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Manuel Charr shooter handed five-year prison sentence

The shooting occured at a restaurant in Essen (Germany) and came as a shock to everybody at the time. It is claimed that Youssef had shot because of Manuel’s nationality of

Since then, it has been claimed that Youssef shot Charr because of Manuel’s nationality of Syria. Charr needed emergency surgery after being shot in the stomach three times. 

The “Diamond Boy” knew his assassin and had even helped trai the young man in the past. Youssef H. handed himself in two weeks after the shooting, confessed and apologized to Charr.

Through his attorney, the assassin offered 15,000 Euros as compensation for the injuries, although Charr refused the gesture saying, “I don’t want the family to be in debt for this kid’s mistake. I have faith in God who forgives us of our sins.

“What kind of a man would I be not to forgive this boy? I always stood up for peace in my home country Syria and all over the world. I need peace and love for my country Syria this is my prayer and why I began my decision for peace and forgive.”

The World Boxing Council have since appointed the former world title challenger as a WBC Peace Ambassador.

“I am very proud to represent the biggest and best organization in the world with this special position,” stated Charr.

“It is a great honor, big responsibility and means a lot to me. I thank Mauricio Sulaiman and the whole WBC family for their faith in me and I will not disappoint them. I will use my position to make an impact in the world. Love and peace is what we need and I will do my best to spread this message.”

Charr is hoping to make a return to the ring at some point in the future.