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Home » Exclusive: VADA refuse to confirm Lucas Browne test results

Exclusive: VADA refuse to confirm Lucas Browne test results

Browne, 36, has tested positive for a banned substance, according to a letter received by ESPN and published in part on Monday, whilst VADA are insistent that any information obtained would not have been directly sourced from them.

“I can confirm we tested both Mr. Chagaev and Mr. Browne the week of the fight and post-fight per a request from representatives of the BDB (German Boxing Commission),” VADA exclusively told World Boxing News.

“VADA does not release results to the public, so any information regarding results would have to be obtained from the commission, the athletes or their representatives.”

Rumours are already circulating that Browne could be stripped of the WBA heavyweight title he took from Chagaev following their March 5 bout, whilst the fighter himself is already seeking legal advice on the matter.

The news has rocked boxing hard as Browne has such a great rapport and reputation with the fans, many of whom were delighted to have a big-punching newcomer on the scene in the sport’s top division.

Browne’s victory is under something of a cloud though and his character will be tarnished – at least until more information is released on whether the WBA will take away the belt, a suspension is to follow, or the fighter is cleared altogether.

More will be known once the ‘B’ sample is tested and those results are subsequently made public.