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Home » WBC brand Elias Emigdio medal block ‘an embarrassment’

WBC brand Elias Emigdio medal block ‘an embarrassment’

Several current and former world champions attended, in order to present him with a medal, and also their very best wishes and good luck . Unfortunately, they were not allowed to present this recognition to Elias, due to the intervention of the President of the Amateur Boxing Federation in Mexico, Ricardo Contreras, who forbade Elias to receive it.

This embarrassing chapter only proves once again, the sad path and unfortunate course amateur boxing is on in Mexico, and has followed during the last years.

This sad attitude from the Amateur Boxing Federation in Mexico reflects the common behavior of some International Federations spanning the World.

We recall the recent episode, with Rommel Pacheco winning the Gold Medal in the diving during the World Championship in Rio, but not being allowed to hear the National Anthem or to watch his flag rising aloft , due to problems with the International Swimming Federation.

However, and despite this negativity, the World Boxing Council wishes the very best of luck and success to Elias Emigdio, who will be proudly representing Mexico in this very important competition, on a World stage.