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Home » David Haye turns down Andrey Fedosov alternative for May 21

David Haye turns down Andrey Fedosov alternative for May 21

Due to mandatory challenger Fres Oquendo’s co-promoter Bobby Hitz exclusively informing WBN that his fighter will not step aside to allow Haye the fight, the two-weight champion is still looking for an opponent for his second comeback bout.

As Hitz took away one possibility, he also countered Haye with an offer of his own.

“David Haye is fighting soon so I tried to make a fight with my other fighter Andrey Fedosov,” Hitz explained to World Boxing News.

“He out and out turned him down but he’s a world-rated fighter that would have helped David in his quest for a world title.

“We will not step aside for him to fight Lucas Browne and think Fedosov would be a good opponent for him if he changes his mind.”

Haye, 35, defeated Mark de Mori in just one round on his return from a four-year absence earlier this year and is now highly-ranked with most of the top organisations.

It seems unlikely that Haye would be handed a voluntary shot at any of the champions anytime soon so will be on the lookout for a top ten fighter that can give him a further boost up the list.

Fedosov is currently two places above Haye at number seven with the WBA, whilst the Russian is at nine with the WBO, an organisation that failed to recognize Haye in their February announcement.