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Browne laughs off challenges, manager confirms mandatory next

The heavy-handed Sydney man wrote his name into the history books when he KOed the tough Uzbek to become Australia’s first ever world champion in the heavyweight division last weekend.

And while most in the boxing fraternity are happy for him, it appears that some heavyweights have become embittered and jealous.

In the past week, New Zealander Joseph Parker, former Rugby League star Solomon Haumono, and American veteran Shannon Briggs have all attempted to play down Lucas’s achievement while at the same time suggesting they should be given a shot at his crown.

“I’ve hardly slept a wink since winning the title as my media commitments have been nothing short of incredible. It’s beginning to sink in that I’ve created Aussie sporting history and I’m still buzzing,” Lucas said.

“I’ve been reading all the call outs but it’s simple, I’m the WBA heavyweight champion of the world and I’m involved in the WBA tournament. My next fight will be Fres Oquendo. Let’s hope it is in Australia! I’ll leave all that to my manager Matt Clark and promoter Ricky Hatton.

“Everyone else needs to concentrate on earning a shot like I did. I had to travel all around the world to get an opportunity to make history and these ‘boxers’ think they can jump the queue by throwing out insults.”

Matt Clark clarified: “Prior to the fight with Chagaev we signed an undertaking that our next fight and first defence of the title will be against Fres Oquendo.

“The call outs from Briggs, Parker’s team and Solomon Haumono are absolutely pointless. Realistically they’re just trying to get some media on the back of Lucas’s historic accomplishment.

“We will honour our contractual agreement and we look forward to having Lucas win the WBA tournament and continuing to make history”.