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Michael ‘The Artist’ Perez discusses Martin Honorio clash

At this week’s fight build-up, Perez outlined his preparation and plans for the contest to WBN, which takes place at the Belasco Theather on Golden Boy’s latest LA Fight Club.

“Its been great training in Riverside. We have a house with a bunch of fighters and everyone there has been preparing for their prospects. Its a great atmosphere, and we’re all hungry to get in there.”

“Martin Honorio has been in there a lot, he has a lot of experience. Its going to take a lot to beat him, and I know I have what it takes to do that.”

“My style is more versatile than him. I know he’s going to try to come forward and brawl. I have more hand speed and foot speed. I am more a more well-rounded boxer. I know I can do everything I can to beat him.”

“As a Puerto Rican, I know a lot of my supporters are Mexican and I train in a Mexican training camp. I’m Latino as well, it’s the same blood and nothing but love.”

“There’s a lot of politics in the world of boxing. I’ve been trying to get what I deserve and working towards my shot at a title. Tomorrow is another step towards that.”

“I’ve been catching the attention of the top fighters and promoters to get what I deserve. I’ve been working hard towards this.”

“I don’t feel any rivalry towards Mexican fighters. I’m with them–my team is Mexican.”

“Outside of Boxing, I like to draw. Thats why they call me “La Artista” because of my fighting style—it’s like an art form.”

“I’m expecting to paint a masterpiece tomorrow in the ring. Everyone will love it. It will be an action packed fight. I feel I have everything I have to beat him. It’s a big part of my career I’m going through and everyone will see more of me in the future.”