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Home » Light heavyweight Sven Fornling signs with EC Boxing

Light heavyweight Sven Fornling signs with EC Boxing

Fornling has signed a long-term contract at the Hamburg promoter, thus continuing the ECB international strategy to rely not only on the domestic market in Germany.

“Unlike other Boxställe we know that you can not stand on one leg (by only signing home fighters). That’s why we like to look at the bigger picture and it provides us with a wide range,” says Ceylan.

“Sweden is very interesting for us because there are many talented boxers there. On the other hand, the market is currently on the rise and will grow in the coming years much more. Of course, we want to be there when it does. This is only possible with the right boxers and Sven Fornling is a great talent. He certainly is a prospective candidate for the world title in future. We look forward to working together.”

Professional boxing was banned in Sweden and the strict rules were only recently relaxed by law. Until now, an upper limit of 20 minutes per fight had been allowed, which means that men could fght over six rounds (with three-minute rounds). Recently this limit was softened and there were exceptions. For example, Erik Skoglund has fought at ten and even twelve rounds in the ring since 2015.

Fornling joins Swedish heavyweight Adrian Granat at EC-Boxing to double the contingent in Hamburg.

“Adrian is close to a breakthrough at world class,” said Ceylan. “And of course, he will want to fight sometime before his home fans (alongside Fornling).”