Haye’s Ali Knighthood push reaches 20k signatures, PM Cameron considers

David Haye took to Facebook on Tuesday to give an update on the campaign to recognise Muhammad Ali with an Honorary Knighthood. The petition has now reached 20,000 signatures and Haye received a letter from 10 Downing Street which confirms the request is under consideration.

The campaign has also received high-profile backing from the likes of London Mayor Boris Johnson, Sir Bob Geldof, comedian John Bishop, actor Luke Evans and fellow heavyweight Anthony Joshua:

Anthony Joshua: “What makes Ali such a role model is the battles he had to go through He was fighting through the civil rights movement. He was more than just a boxer, he was a leader for many people.”

Sir Bob Geldof: “Muhammad Ali is one of the great men of honour and God knows there’s few enough of those. I wholeheartedly support the campaign to give him an Honorary Knighthood.”

Boris Johnson: “As a child, bashing the top of an old ropey black and white telly, I would sit mesmerised by grainy images of a hero who seemed to float above his opponents: the grace, guile, speed of hand. From race relations to religious freedom, he fought tireless and principled struggles all his life. I can’t think of a more fitting recipient of an honorary knighthood.”

Foxes: “Muhammad Ali is a hero and an inspiration both as an athlete and as a human being — well-deserving of a knighthood surely.”

Sign the petition to get Muhammad Ali an Honorary Knighthood by visiting change.org. #HayeDay returns to The O2 on May 21, tickets are available on general sale now via AXS.com.