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Home » De La Hoya on Canelo v Khan: They wrote Pacquiao off, he retire me!

De La Hoya on Canelo v Khan: They wrote Pacquiao off, he retire me!

Canelo puts his WBC middleweight belt on the line against Briton Khan at the newly-built T-Mobile Arena at a catchweight of 155 pounds.

Khan is jumping up two weight divisions to challenge Canelo in similar circumstances to when Manny Pacquiao leapt from lightweight to welterweight to meet De La Hoya in 2008.

Veteran De La Hoya was roundly beaten by Pacquiao’s lightning reflexes on the night and the ten-time world champion says Khan has a chance in the fight due to the similarities in facing the heftier Canelo.

“We all know that styles make the fights, and the styles of these two fighters make this event a can’t-miss for diehard fans,” said De La Hoya at the New York press conference.

“This will be a classic fight of speed vs. power. Amir is light-speed hand and footwork. Canelo is strength and presents a solid defense.

“I remember when I was favored because I was bigger and more powerful. No one ever thought he would win, but we all know what happened in my bout against Manny Pacquaio – he retired me.”

Khan, 29, begins as a 5/2 against outsider to pull off a stunning victory in two months’ time as many see the ex-Olympian’s suspect chin swinging the bout even further in Mexican superstar Canelo’s favour.