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Home » Haye: Khan is bigger than Canelo, he’s a natural middleweight

Haye: Khan is bigger than Canelo, he’s a natural middleweight

Khan and Canelo went through the media formalities in what was the first leg of a three-city tour and Haye went along to judge for himself if there really is a size differential between the middleweight title rivals.

WBC belt holder Alvarez puts his belt on the line at a catchweight of 155 pounds against predominant welterweight Khan amidst plenty of debate over whether there will be a massive advantage on May 7.

“It’s a great fight and I’m very excited,” said Haye. “I had them both next to me, one on each side, and I grabbed both their arms just to feel if there was any real difference in size. You know what? Amir’s arms were bigger and he has bigger biceps.

“I grabbed them both around the shoulders, unknowingly, and they probably just thought I was a bit touchy-feely, but Amir is bigger than Canelo. He’s just bigger.

“I knew there wasn’t that much difference in size, but for all those people out there saying, ‘it’s all about Amir coming up two weights’ – they’re wrong. He’s coming down two weights.

“Canelo could probably come down to the welterweight limit if he really wanted to, but he doesn’t have to. He’s fought at his natural weight. Amir Khan, I believe, has been fighting at weight below his natural weight, which is around middleweight. Right now he’s technically a light-heavyweight and he’s not got any fat on him.

“People shouldn’t do analyses on this fight like it’s one big guy fighting a small guy. Do it on skill-for-skill and imagine it’s a level playing field.

“This fight is going to be won and lost on their feet,” he added.

Haye is currently gearing up for a second comeback appearance at the O2 Arena three weeks after Canelo and Khan face-off at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and is on the lookout for a ranked opponent to follow up his victory over Mark de Mori.