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Home » Slow start costs Quigg dear, and possible Frampton rematch

Slow start costs Quigg dear, and possible Frampton rematch

Minds boggled at ringside as Quigg struggled to get going early on against Frampton – and for some of the rounds hardly threw a punch. The 27 year-old eventually kicked into gear in the ninth session, and from then on made the fight highly entertaining despite a split decision defeat.

I had Frampton 5-1-2 up after eight rounds, probably being slightly generous to Quigg, as nothing happened in a couple of three-minute exchanges – but which could have easily been given to the Irishman for a 7-1 lead.

Quigg was given a kick up the backside by trainer Joe Gallagher, which brought the fight to life for the last third, but ultimately doesn’t seem to have been enough to earn the bury boxer a rematch.

Frampton, 28, fully deserved his victory on the night, definitely not only on two judges cards, and can now move on to his mandatory obligations with bragging rights from an intense night at the former M.E.N Arena.

A rebuilding job is now needed for Quigg, who may face accusations that he froze on the big occasion, but has plenty of time to prove any doubters wrong with an enhanced profile thanks to the event as a whole.

A broken jaw suffered in the fourth round by Quigg means an initial spell out of action though.