Talent unfulfilled: Joe Selkirk retires at 30 on 14-0

Phil Jay 25/02/2016

Promising super welterweight Joe Selkirk has decided to hang up his gloves at the tender age of 30 following years of battling injuries.

The Liverpudlian, a product of the same Rotunda Gym that housed the famous Smith Brothers, has left the sport just two months on from his last victory at Manchester Arena.

Unbeaten Selkirk defeated Zoltan Turai in just one round of only his third fight in two years and has now made the tough announcement that his fourteenth pro outing would be the last.

In a statement released on Thursday, Selkirk said: “After a long think, I’ve made the sad and unfortunate decision to retire from boxing. I’ve been boxing for almost 25 years and i can’t put into words all the unbelievable memories and experiences it has given me. Thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve met through this sometimes wonderful sport. Boxing has given me some of the best times of my life.

“The last three to four years I have started to not enjoy what I do anymore. The heartaches and stress I have continually had to endure, with injuries and setbacks since I was about 19-years-old have got me feeling like it’s just not meant to be. I have become so frustrated by it. it just doesn’t make me happy anymore.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone, from marsh Lane ABC and the Rotunda ABC who taught me everything I know. There are too many people to name but I’m close to you all and I want to thank you all for your help and advice over the years. I remember and appreciate it all.

“I want to thank the England coaches who helped me when i was an amateur, when I was able to travel to a variety of places. The really were some of the best times I’ve had in boxing.”

He continued: “Also, I would like to thank my professional trainers, Anthony Farrell, Oliver Harrison, Mick McCallister, Mark Quinn and two people that stood by me through everything, Danny and George Vaughan. I learnt from all of you and I can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort. I could not have asked for a better gym than MGM. The help and support I’ve had off Daniel, Taff, Anto, everyone in the bar, I’m forever grateful.I can’t thank everyone enough.

“And last but not least, the boxing public who came to watch me and supported me back from when I was a kid until now. A big thank you.

“Boxing will always be a massive part of my life. I will always miss the fighting, always! This is a sport that if you no longer enjoy, you should stop, and that’s the point I am at.

“Thanks again everyone.”

Selkirk was regularly referred to as the most talented prospect in the gym by former world title challenger Paul Smith Jnr, although was never fully able to shake off his ailments sufficiently to launch a bid on the biggest stage.