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Heavyweight Scott Alexander signs with Ken Thompson

“I feel very blessed and excited,” Alexander said. “It’s an incredible opportunity considering what Thompson Boxing has done for the careers of so many boxers. I’m looking forward to what the future brings.”

Standing at six-foot-three, Alexander has excellent size and reach for boxing’s most glamorous division. The 26-year-old picked up gloves at age eighteen and immediately fell in love with the sport.

“I don’t have an amateur background so I’ve had to absorb a lot during training camps,” said Alexander, who is trained by Henry Ramirez. “My hand speed and vision are probably my two best assets. I’m very versatile. I can outbox and wear down my competition, or end things early with a knockout.”

“We had Alexander on one of our undercards last year,” said Ken Thompson, President of Thompson Boxing. “I still remember his knockout win. He knocked out Dan Biddle in the first round with a sizzling attack. He has excellent talent and the charisma to match.”

Thompson Boxing expects to feature Alexander on one of its upcoming shows.