WBC recommend further trials of noise-cancelling headphones for judges


The WBC would like to report the status of the pilot program of noise canceling headphone used by Judges, Which Has Been a clear success.

The main objective of the use of noise canceling head phones is to maximize concentration by the Judges.

There are Certain factors Which Could be distractions or unconscious influence for Officials such as:

· A very noisy crowd

· TV Commentators

· Sitting next to the official

· Fans sitting next to the official

· Music or loud noises

After three months of using the devices in several cities in Mexico, the experience has been extremely positive and the judges have expressed complete satisfaction and ability to concentrate in the actions.

Have we received a report from a WHO official ring is like an airplane pilot and it is a fact that pilots use noise canceling headphones which allow them to concentrate and maximize their performance.

In summary, the WBC Recommends strongly federations and all boxing commissions to try the noise canceling headphones for Judges in 4, 6, 8 and 10-round fights and try by experience the proposed implementation.