Ryan Walsh: Josh Warrington took the p***, halted my career!

Queensberry Promotions

Current British featherweight champion Ryan Walsh wants to one day make Josh Warrington accountable for how he previously stalled the Norfolk man’s career.

Walsh finally won the British belt in September 2015 and has since successfully defended it via a stoppage victory over Darren Traynor earlier this year – marking a considerable upturn in his career.

Prior to those two fights however and the 29-year old had struggled to land a meaningful or notable fight, following a 2013 loss to Lee Selby with the British and Commonwealth belts on the line.

For that inactivity, Walsh blames Warrington, who failed to defend or vacate the British belt for twelve months after originally winning the title in May 2014. That ultimately had a significant effect on Walsh’s career, who now one day hopes to get the chance for payback.

“As a fighter you can’t knock Warrington, but as a man is where I have a problem,” Walsh began. “For one thing, he childishly called me a beggar on Twitter before and I want to make him accountable for that.

“But my main reason is that him and his team took the piss out of me a little bit and basically halted my career. When he was British champion, he could easily have vacated the belt to give me the chance to fight for it. If he did that I could have been on the Matchroom shows with a different promoter. I’m not saying I would have wanted that, but I should have had the option,” he said.

“Warrington is doing his thing and we are obviously on different paths, but I have told him that I would 100% fight him in his backyard. I respect him and like his style and know that me against him would be a cracker.”

It has recently been announced that Warrington will fight Hisashi Amagasa, as he seeks a blockbuster summer clash against IBF champ Selby.

“Warrington is in a unique position, because he sells so many tickets and can pretty much fight who he wants. In fairness to him, he did really well in the Brunker fight and is progressing quickly.

“He wants the Selby fight and I would be the ideal stepping stone to see where he is at before that fight – then he knows if he is ready for the champ,” Walsh added.

“The difference between me and Warrington is that he vacated the British title rather than face me, but I won’t be vacating for anybody. I will face any featherweight who wants or gets the shot, because ultimately you want to end your career knowing how good you were.”

Matt Horan is a lead writer for WBN. Follow on Twitter @mhoran123