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Sonny Upton comments on opponent change for March 5

The Ricky Hatton-trained stylist was set to face Matt McCarthy on the date. However, the Essex man has withdrawn due to a forearm injury.

Now Bolton’s experienced Rick Godding has stepped up to the plate and Upton is relishing the challenge.

“I was gutted McCarthy pulled out because I really wanted to fight him, but was I surprised? No. I always knew he didn’t want to face me,” Upton said.

“McCarthy talks a lot, but he can’t back it up. I even heard he tried to pull out a few hours after he signed for the fight so I always knew it was coming.

“I’ve got a more experienced opponent now and I can’t really complain. Rick Godding has had 23 fights and he’s only lost one so I’m looking forward to it.

“I don’t know much about him other than that. I’ve watched one video of him on YouTube and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest. His record is good though and he’s taken the fight on a few weeks notice so I can’t really knock him.

“I’ve trained for one type of boxer and got another, but that’s boxing and I feel like I’m ready for anyone.”

Upton has every reason to be confident ahead of the bout as his recent performances have been little short of sublime. Despite suffering a couple of controversial setbacks early in his professional career, the 26-year-old has never let his head drop and he now stands on the verge of title class.

“Two more fights and I’ll have a belt around my waist,” he said. “Every boxer wants to be a champion and I know that my time is coming this year.

“Boxers say they dream of winning titles, but I really do. I get in bed every night and all that goes through my brain when I’m asleep is winning belt after belt.”