Frampton-Quigg II, possibly belt-less, dependent on Feb 27 outcome

Lawrence Lustig

A second fight between fierce UK rivals Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg will all come down to how the first encounter pans out at the end of this month, according to Barry McGuigan.

IBF champion Frampton and WBA belt holder Quigg meet in a massive super bantamweight unification on February 27 at Manchester Arena to finally settle their differences once and for all.

McGuigan was recently referring to questions on a rematch clause for the pair to meet again in the summer but stated that there was nothing official in place between Cyclone Promotions and Matchroom Boxing.

“(A rematch) All depends, it all depends on how exciting the fight is and what sort of response there is,” said McGuigan before directly addressing the lack of a return clause. “I mean there’s been mention of a rematch but nothing set in stone, absolutely nothing set in stone. It’s like a cash register. All of the apples have to come up.”

The fighter’s themselves are just keen to prove initially who is the better out of the two, although are fully aware that a close and entertaining contest would mean another blockbuster clash is inevitable.

“You’ve got to fight the best and beating Carl Frampton that would be, you know, (getting) him out of the way. Then obviously the focus is on me at this moment, but a fighter wants to give the fans what they want. You know, I’m not scared of anybody. It’s just about going out there and getting this job done and then we’ll see from there,” stated Quigg.

Frampton added: “He’s probably gotten better, but I’ve got better as well. I think (this fight) just happens with development. And, you know, we’re good professional fighters. We’re very dedicated to the sport. So, I think both of us have got better, but I think I’m head and shoulders above this guy.

“I don’t want to take Scott Quigg lightly. I don’t want to (people to think) I’m looking passive. I’m not. I’m training very, very hard for this fight. But, me on my best — if I put in 100 percent performance, if I put in the best performance I can, and Scott Quigg puts in the best performance he can, then I win the fight and it’s not even close.

“So, it’s about me and how I perform, because I know if I perform my best and there’s only one winner.”

Upon completion of the contest this month, Frampton or Quigg would then have to decide whether face Guillermo Rigondeaux or Shingo Wake, both of whom are mandatory challengers with the WBA and IBF. Their choice will ultimately mean the loss of either one of the title belts raised in triumph by the eventual victor.

Should the pair decide to meet again in the summer without facing Rigo or Wake, both the WBA and IBF could rule to strip the winner and leave a second fight belt-less.

Only special dispensation from Darryl Peoples (IBF) or Gilberto Mendoza (WBA) would stop the straps being taken away from a second fight.