Gutierrez, Periban score stoppage victories in Mexico


Andres “Jaguar” Gutierrez and Marco Antonio Periban both notched notable stoppage wins at the Palenque El Marques in Queretaro on Saturday night.

Super middleweight Periban, who towered over Jose Miguel Torres from Colombia, felled him with a might straight right in round four. Torres bravely got up, but was unsteady, and referee Jose Medel had no hesitation in stopping it at one minute seven seconds.

Undefeated Andes “Jaguar” Gutierrez, who’s now a super featherweight, won when Manuel Dionisio Echenique from Argentina couldn’t come out for the tenth round due to a worsening cut as a result of an earlier and accidental clash of heads.

Shorter but more compact, Jaguar fought intensely and at close range, building a big points advantage, before the halt.