McGuigan talks Frampton v Quigg rivalry, Gonzalez knockdowns

Carl Frampton’s manager Barry McGuigan has outlined the bad blood between his fighter and UK rival Scott Quigg ahead of their imminent battle on February 27 in Manchester.

McGuigan was responding to talk of animosity between Frampton and Quigg being down to geographical issues, although the former world champion stated that their dislike for one another ran much deeper than that.

“Well, I mean, you know, it’s always been Ireland against England,” said McGuigan.

“You know, the Irish want to win and the English want to win the local derby as it were and that’s always been the case. But to be honest because we’re from the north and he’s from Northern Ireland; he’s from a Protestant background, he considers himself British. So, he’s got a lot of bold Irish fans and British fans.

“And so, that — you know, that’s great, and that’s why I think Eddie’s got it wrong, because it’s not just going to be Ireland against England. It’s going to be Carl Frampton’s fans against Scott Quigg, and there’s a huge difference.

“Carl has got a phenomenal amount of support. When he’s standing on that ramp before he walks out to the crowd it will feel very hostile for Scott Quigg whereas, Carl can get a bit of booing and cheering here and there but the majority of the fans, and they’re very, very noisy fans, they will create a phenomenal atmosphere for him.

“So, it’ll be interesting to see how Quigg deals with that. Carl’s (total focus) is on Feb. 27. This guy’s in great condition. He’s been sparing brilliantly and training very hard and he’s really got himself into great condition.

“A lot of people think it’s a 50/50 fight. We think Carl is much better in adaptability and the fact that he can fight aggressively, fight defensively, fight off the back foot, the front foot, I just think he’s a more complete fighter, but we got to show it and prove it on the night.”

Adding to what ‘The Jackal’ had previously said regarding Quigg only taking the fight because of Frampton’s knockdowns against Alejandro Gonzalez, McGuigan stated: “His last fight in America is over. He wanted to impress and he walked into a couple of shots in the first round.

“The first one really was only a stumble, but the second one was a good shot. But, he did what all champions have done. He got off his ass and beat the living daylights out of Gonzalez. He completely dominated the last part of the fight. So, I don’t see that as a negative.”