‘Bandido’ Vargas keen to return, Gonzalez, Gamboa possibilities

WBC 12/02/2016

Naoki Fukuda

WBC super featherweight champion Francisco “Bandido” Vargas wants a rematch with Takashi Miura, and says the result will be the same next time around.

Tightly clutching his green and gold belt at the nauguration of the new gym at the Otomí High Altitude Center, Francisco says no next opponent has yet been finalized, although the names of Jhonny Gonzalez and Yuriokis Gamboa have been already been mentioned.

Fransisco stresses he’s keen to secure an opponent so he can start serious training with a set deadline.

A thin pink and still tender looking scar on his right cheekbone is still evident, as a souvenir of that titanic bout against Miura which won him the Crown, and the WBC’s Fight of the year by a country mile. Remembering that encounter with a visible wince, Fransisco praised Takashi as an intrepid, tough and very hard hitting opponent, adding:

“The rematch with him isn’t going to happen just yet, but when it does, it’ll be an emotional fight. Next time we’re going to change various things. We already know exactly what, and I’m going to come in even stronger to finish with the same result.”